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    Active Face Cream is super fuel for your skin’s root structure.  We discovered that a combination of just two botanicals operates with remarkable synergy.  Long-chain fatty acids from non-comedogenic safflower oil stimulate regeneration, while Kaempferia Parviflora amplifies regeneration and nourishes a toned, productive root structure. The new formula also features cucumber fruit extract, to cool the skin and increase anti-oxidant capacity.

    The formula is vegan and was tested on New Yorkers, not helpless animals. 

    There are four use modes:

    1. Instant glam: Before going out or going on camera, apply as a mask. 
    2. Prevention: Stop damage before it occurs, apply as a mask once or twice per week. 
    3. Targeted repairs:  Apply to damage-susceptible areas -- under the eyes, and along the mouth --  once or twice a day.
    4. Restoration: Apply to the lower face from eyelids to jawline, once or twice per day.   


    1 product
    Adipeau Active Face Cream - 50ml