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Reflexology Experience


$75.00 CAD

This yin tool for use on the body serves to cool, disperse and relieve tensions in large surfaces. It can be used directly on the skin or over thin clothing.

Ideal for treating circulation problems and sensations of heat in the limbs. Roll over the legs to improve circulation in cases of non-operated varicose veins.  For specific tensions in the shoulders, legs and back or between the shoulder blades, roll over the area for 2 minutes until you notice the difference.  The yin effect of the tool serves to drain and mobilize body fluids. Rolling for 4 minutes over the affected area is recommended in detox and drainage treatments.

Complementary tool for all body treatments, whether slimming or toning. The yin effect of stimulation using this tool drains the fatty deposits previously treated with a yang tool.  Combined with the double yang ball, tool nº410, it offers comprehensive treatment of cellulite and postpartum symptoms.

Style: Nº410 -

Pickup available at Be Aligned Studios

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Style: Nº410 -

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