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Facial Dermal Care Multi Sleep Mask Pack (4 packs)

$60.00 CAD

Experience the stunning effects of the ECM sheet similar to the skin tissue.

This sleeping mask does not dry out thanks to its cutting-edge moisture transmission control technology and maintains the moisture balance of the skin throughout the night.

A multi-care facial mask that fills the skin with moisture, improving internal dryness and managing dead skin cells and sebum.


- A sheet using ECM, the exclusive material of Dermall Matrix.
- A special moisture delivery control technology allows for long lasting
hydration without dryness, suitable for extended wear over 3 hours or
as an Overnight mask.
- It's a Multi-care mask that hydrates and exfoliates at once.
- A highly-adhesive sheet that does not flow with liquid essence
for home skincare in daily life and while sleeping.

How to use

After cleansing, open the pouch and attach the mask on your eye-zone. You can use it for hours, unlike ordinary mask packs; it can be used as a sleeping pack.

Key Features

1. Excellent adhesion: Daily activity can carried out with the mask on.

2. Long lasting moisturization: Does not dry out easily and can be left on for overnight.

3. Nourishing: Never stop nourishes while mask is on and exfoliates as it is removed from skin. 

Pickup available at Be Aligned Studios

Usually ready in 2-4 days

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