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$535.00 CAD

Don't Neglect Your Neck & Dec
The neck and Décolleté are an obvious but often overlooked visual cue as to our true age. Wrinkles, pigmentation, and thinning skin are all the result of years of exposure to the sun and environmental toxins.

Look as young as you feel with Omnilux ContourTM Neck & Décolleté

 Why Omnilux ContourTM Neck & Décolleté?
Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté is the original flexible, FDA-cleared, light therapy device specifically designed to treat the neck and chest. With two wavelengths of light, optimized energy output, and peer-reviewed studies validating its results, Contour Neck & Décolleté is designed and manufactured using Omnilux's proprietary gold-standard medical device technology.

While other brands may claim to use "Omnilux technology", there is only one true Omnilux.


  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, redness, and fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Reduces the appearance of sunspots
  • Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin
  • All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime

How to clean:

You should clean your device with a water-based wipe before every treatment. Baby wipes work great! Stubborn stains can be removed by wiping gently with 70% alc

For Optimal Results
Pair with the Omnilux Hydrogel Décolleté Mask to maximize light penetration into the skin and enhance Omnilux Contour™ results.

DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed and the risk is unknown.

DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women and therefore the risk to the fetus, neonate or pregnant women is unknown.

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