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Selenite Egg Crystal

$17.00 USD

With a name that derives from the Greek word, Selene, also known as the Greek goddess of the moon, the Selenite stone meaning is associated with lunar energy and the unfathomable energy of the cosmos.

Selenite is a high vibration stone that connects you to your energy field. It's the perfect crystal for self-reflection and meditation because of its clarity-inducing effects.

The Selenite crystal meaning is also strongly linked to light—hence its nicknames: Liquid Light and Divine Light. It's thought to capture sunlight within its body, radiating it to you when you need its energy most. 

When meditating with Selenite stone, the meditator often sees a pure white light that passes through the third eye chakra and into the crown. This is one of the key reasons the Selenite crystal is so often used in chakra meditation to relieve energy blocks.

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