Reflexology Experience


$64.00 CAD

A comprehensive, balanced facial tool with a spiked yang ball on one end and a toothed yin roller on the other.  Easy to use and handy to carry in your pocket, it allows you to alternate between yin and yang effects as required.  The size of its rollers allows precise stimulation on all the curves of the face, as well as on hands and feet.

Recommended to stimulate a great variety of multireflexology areas in the face, thereby treating migraine and stomachache, alleviating muscular tension and calming the nervous system.  The yin end is used to cool, drain and relax, whereas the yang end serves to warm, concentrate and tone.  

Its yang end is used to work and prepare the tissues, improving microcirculation of the blood.
Its yin end is of great help in balancing body fluids. Drain retained liquids in the area under the eyes by rolling the toothed roller under each eye for 2 minutes.  However, to treat expression lines, the toothed roller serves to fill the area with fluids and nourish it, removing undesirable wrinkles.

Pickup available at Be Aligned Studios

Usually ready in 2-4 days

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