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    Why buy Shakti?

    Since the creation of The Shakti Mat in 2007 there have been many imitations, but few are crafted with the same values. Here are 5 reasons why The Shakti Mat is a worthwhile investment.

    1. Design

    We believe effective acupressure mats are defined by the quality of their materials. That’s why Shakti Mats are crafted to be longer, sharper and more durable. This creates an acupressure experience that is powerful & effective. You can trust your Shakti Mat will last for years to come.

    2. Manufacture

    We believe everyone that creates The Shakti Mat should be provided with meaningful & fulfilling employment. That’s why we support all Shakti employees in India with a living wage, an emergency medical fund, and investment in the education of their children. When you lie down on your Shakti Mat you can relax knowing our well-being products look after more than just your own.

    3. Charity

    We believe that well-being involves more than just ourselves, it extends to how we look after others. That’s why Shakti donates 10% of profits to causes important to humanity. Your purchase creates positive change.

    4. Craft

    We believe in keeping tradition alive. That’s why we employ local craftspeople to make each Shakti Mat by hand. This process starts with a piece of cotton and ends with a product that’s individually created for you. You are part of a process that allows craft and quality to thrive.

    5. Sustainability

    We believe everyone is responsible for their environmental impact. That’s why we use organically certified cotton & dyes, and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through donations to Cool Earth. Have peace of mind knowing that Shakti products are non-toxic to you and the environment. Feel proud of your purchase.

    5 products
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